Good Luck Plants

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2-3 Stick bamboo with White Small Pot

Key Features-1.    Good groundcover for large scale areas2.    Air p..

Rs 1,200.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,200.00

Bamboo cris cross

Key Features-1.    A complete Decorative Plant2.    Requires low mai..

Rs 799.00 Ex Tax: Rs 799.00

Grey Snake plant

Key Features- 1.    Graceful Red Ceramic Mud-Pot included with the plant2. ..

Rs 400.00 Ex Tax: Rs 400.00

Jade plant with blue pot

Key Features-        Beautiful Décor Plant         ..

Rs 350.00 Ex Tax: Rs 350.00

Snake plant with Red pot

Key Features- 1.    Purifies the air that is polluted with synthetic chemicals2..

Rs 0.00 Ex Tax: Rs 0.00

Succulent with small white duck

Key Features-1.    Sucelent Plant is an excellent sun loving house plant2. &nbs..

Rs 0.00 Ex Tax: Rs 0.00

Variegated Money Plant with beige sheep pot

1.    Key Features-1   Comes in multiple variations2.    L..

Rs 0.00 Ex Tax: Rs 0.00