Heard about Narendra Modi Plant?

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Seeming puzzled about a plant named after our PM Mr. Narendra Modi? Yes you heard it right! Singapore has named a plant over the name of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is an exotic orchid flower, so yes you can yell in pride. The plant is located in the Singapore Botanical Gardens and yes if you hear like Dendrobium Narendra Modi, do not act shocked.

The plant is named so to commemorate our Prime Ministers visit to the National Orchid Garden of Singapore on 2nd June 2018 on Saturday. Singapore Botanic Garden is the beautiful tropical Gardens that is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Even the Ministry of External Affair posted a pleasant information on twitter as they tweeted that “Dendrobium Narendra Modi: is a beautiful orchid named after our Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi. The plant is a strong, robust tropical orchid that produces an upright inflorescences till 38cm with 14-20 well-arranged flowers.

The news came as wonderful data for the Indian Citizens. It demonstrates how blossoms can be related with one's character.

Information about Dendrobium Orchids:


Dendrobium Orchids feature abundant, sensitive blossoms and are well known in the planting crew. Their life cycle contains three phases, which incorporate the 'blossoming stage' (winter to spring), the 'developing stage' (summer to harvest time) and 'lethargy' (late pre-winter to winter). Read about 'Welcome to the bizzare universe of orchids'.

It is an assorted sort of orchids with various social needs. Built up by Olof Swartz in 1799 it has around 1,200 species and happens all through quite a bit of south, east and southeast Asia, including China, India, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, and a large number of the Pacific islands. The name of the orchid got from the Greek dendron ("tree") and profiles ("life"); it signifies "one who lives on trees," or, basically, "epiphyte."

The very much wound and recognized petals of the orchid are mahogany, while its sepals are ruddy dark colored and sketched out with a fine edge. The sprouts are perfectly complimented with an alluring dim purple lip.

For drag out blooms, you have to furnish the plant with perfect care and developing conditions. Dendrobium Orchids can twofold in measure inside their first year.

What do Dendrobium Orchids presents?

Dendrobium Orchids are known to represent the unadulterated fondness or congruity between companions, couples or collaborators. These outlandish blooms likewise include extravagance and plushness. You can utilize them to compliment somebody on an occupation advancement at an occupation or accomplishment. These enduring blossoms are valued for their everlasting and noteworthy aroma simply like our PM.