Snake plant with brown pot

Key Features

  • ·         . Beautiful Decorative Plant can be kept in Offices, Home 
  • ·         It is a succulent plant i.e., it retains a lot of water in leaves
  • ·         It requires less care, attention and yet it looks fresh & green
  • ·         Indoor plant but can be grown outside also in partial shade
  • ·         It is an evergreen perennial plant hence, it can spruce up your decor
  • ·         Removes poisonous substances i.e., Formaldehyde & Benzene from air.


       The plant is majorly known as a succulent plant or evergreen plant as it has the credibility to store water in the leaves just like cactus. The plant can be recognized by the long, pointed leaves which often look like snake giving its name a proper significance. As per a research conducted by NASA, the plant has the capability to remove the toxins like Formaldehyde and Benzene from the air, thus acting as a purifier. It is even popular as ornamental plant as its care can be done in home easily.



          Although, our prime motto is a happy customer hence we make sure the right product is delivered atthe right time and right place. The plants may vary from the image slightly. The pot color may also vary from the image described.

        Plants and there containers are not covered with the warranty phase so please handle them with great care and love. The plant and the pot shall be delivered separately due to few barriers in logistics. All you need to do is place the plant inside the pot and enjoy the company of your new beautiful green friend.

    We believe in the fundamental of customer service and make sure that the plants are delivered safe. The plant you will be receiving is covered in two layered, specially ventilated recyclable package that keeps plants and its planter completely safe. Moreover, we also line the inner layer with the blocks which ensures that the vase is fixed and stands unmovable during transportation. Our other x-factor that differentiates us from the rest of the plant suppliers is that we treat customers as integral part of the organization and hence make use of top courier services so that the plants that are delivered from us is as quick and safe as possible.


    Care Instructions-

    1.    Pot must be well drained so that it can grow healthy

    2.    Keep the plants Dust-free& Wipe plant with a damp cloth

    3.    Don’t over-fertilize the plant as it can damage the plant

    4.    Plant grows elegantly in directly sunlight so keep it in sun



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Snake plant with brown pot

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