Plants and Pet Co-Exists

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As a pet owner people need to think a lot before buying a plant because you need to care for their safety and health. Because, sometimes the danger come from the unexpected places, so the need of those house plant exists that can work with animals. Many people restrict themselves from growing indoor plants because they think that they may be growing poisonous plants. This thought can be very scary but now no need to worry as here is the list of some plants that can co-exist with the pets.

So, here goes the list of plants that you can grow while having a pet:

  1. Spider Plant


When you think of growing indoor plant with pets the very first plant that comes to your mind is spider plant.  It is not just because it is easy to maintain but there growth in low light conditions and air purifying quality as well. The plants keep the air in our home clean and look very mesmerizing to the eyes. The plants are completely non-toxic and come in several varieties.

  1. Palms


There are lots of types of true palms and they are available in varied varieties. Palms make an excellent indoor plant and are completely safe for the pets like dogs and cats. The palms are so beautiful to grow and do not need much light and can grow in any circumstances.

  1. Bamboo plant


The plants are really adorable and completely non-toxic. If you are a naturalist and love animals as well then it can be an ideal choice for you. These are completely pet friendly and its easy to grow in any circumstances and pleasant to watch.

  1. African Violet


In case you are working and want an easy grow house plants that are blooming, pet friendly, then opt for the African Violet. The plant only needs to be kept in the plenty of light and these plants will bloom all year round for you.

  1. Boston Fern


While we were kids we all have watched the series of Garfield the cat, the plants seen there were are basically ferns. These plants are also non-toxic and are completely safe for the cats and dogs.

  1. Burros Tail Succulent


Any pet will be mesmerized with the beauty of succulents and the desire to play with them will surely increase. So, it’s a perfect choice if you have planted Burros tail also known as sedum morganiaum in your house.  The plant is completely safe for the cats and is available in diverse varieties.

  1. Peperomia


This is the most desirable and beautiful plant. With non-toxic nature the plant can grow very easily. The plants are really amazing as they are completely pet friendly. There is a large variety of the plants and these are available in various sizes and colors.

  1. Christmas Cactus


These are the best examples of the indoor plants that can bloom in dreadful winters too. These cactus plants are completely easy to grow and this is the best gift you can give your family during festivals. These plants are completely pet friendly.